Generic Medications


I prefer to prescribe generic medications when possible as they are generally less expensive than the name brands and the same actual drug. Most but not all of the generics ( the actual chemical name of the drug) are less expensive than the named brand. Many drug companies will subsidize you prescription if you use a named brand. Many drug companies will even help subsidize an expensive biologic type drug for rheumatoid Arthritis. There are usually clearing houses that if called will help you apply for the subsidies.
Many insurance companies require a preauthorization for you to obtain the prescribed medication . this preauthorization is very time consuming for our staff and may require an additional office visit to get the answers to the multiple questions. Even if the preauthorization is done appropriately, the insurance company may not approve of paying for the drug even if it is appropriate. You will then have the choice to pay for it out of pocket, or try to find an alternative substitute. This will require another office visit so that the appropriateness and safety of the substitute can be assessed when the prescription is written. It is a great help if you are on an HMO to bring with you a medicine formulary at the time of your visit so we can see the approved medications for your problem.


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